Skip tracing is the general term used to describe the investigative process behind locating or narrowing down a certain individual’s whereabouts for a variety of possible reasons. The rationale behind the phrase skip tracing, is that if somebody has skipped town, it means that they have either disappeared or relocated. Skip tracing is the process of tracking down the coordinates of such a party or person. Skip tracing is also known as debtor or fugitive recovery.

Skip tracing is usually employed by process servers, bounty hunters, private investigators, police detectives, journalists, bail bond enforcers, lawyers and repossession agents. Skip tracing has actually even been utilized by investigators to locate trial witnesses. Our company, Hamilton-Toronto Area Process Serving Inc., usually starts out by first gathering as much known information as we can about the possible fugitive party. From there, the collected information is analyzed and verified. Next, our team strategizes the most effective method by which to go about performing the skip trace search.

All skip tracing is most definitely carried out within the restrictions of the legal rules of Ontario. Hamilton-Toronto Area Process Serving is proud to offer skip tracing, court filling and process serving services to clients in Toronto, Markham, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Oshawa, Ajax, Whitby, Niagara, St. Catherine’s, Welland, Hamilton, Stoney Creek and the surrounding areas.